Wednesday Editor’s Pick: “Hauntings”

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“The idea that these films were gone really tortured me, so I set out to create echoes from a future that was never allowed to happen.” – Guy Maddin


Chris Randle for Back to the World:

“Maddin has mastered a tricky contortion: embracing the phantoms he admires while tweaking their tics at the same time. So his version of Murnau’s lost Satanas shows revolution gone wrong from the atmospheric perspective of various toes: ‘Hopeful feet…On their way to join the surging masses! The lumpen cheer!’ Part fetish reel, part Marxist sight gag, and funny as hell, it’s the kind of joke that could only be played on a friend.” 


Noah Cowan of TIFF (Comissioners of Hauntings):

“The ghosts of cinema loom large in Guy Maddin’s body of work. Both  a cheeky commentary on the idea of an essential films list and a harrowing exploration of the regret and weakness felt by cinema’s great masters, this is both Maddin’s most expansive work in terms of the sheer size of its palette and his most personal. For years, he has been collecting tales of unrealized, half finished or abandoned films, potential masterworks doomed to oblivion as they slipped out of their creators’ control. This impulse rhymes remarkably well with Maddin’s thematic obsession with regret and the perils of wild abandon found in both his film and installation works.” 


Maddin discusses the New School Noir Fest and his project on The New School blog.


Details on Maddin’s “Master Class” at the New School on Monday, April 4.


And here’s  Maddin’s brilliant 2000 homage to silent film, “The Heart of the World,” winner of Best Experimental Short from the National Society of Film Critics:


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