Thursday Editor’s Pick: “Pudhupettai”

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7:00 at BAMcinematek [Program & Tix]
Cameron Bailey in an interview with Rediff India Abroad:

There’s a pure energy in the film that’s exciting. I watched it without the benefit of subtitles, so what I was responding to were technical elements: camerawork, editing, music and Dhanush’s performance. Each of these elements had a bold, even brash quality. There’s a real passion for filmmaking in Pudupettai, and that’s what I like to see in popular cinema.

K Praveen for The Veenman Show:

In spite of the confused second half of the movie, Dhanush’s performance is simply amazing and continues to amaze until the last frame of the movie.

P. V. Sathish Kumar for Now Running:

Dhanush is nothing short of phenomenal as Kokki, capturing perfectly the man’s demeanor, attitude and vocal style. His whole performance is award worthy. After long time, for Sneha, this film marks a coming of age for the actress, a grown-up role she embraces with style. Both there performances make the film impressive.
That deftness is matched by Selvaraghavan’s astute direction, precise period feel, evocative photography and a fine ensemble of actors rising to the challenge.

OK we admittedly couldn’t find much commentary on Pudupettai online, but a dayglow-colored dance number is worth a thousand words:

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