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All the repertory and festival screenings in New York City tonight, and for the rest of the week, listed in one place, with well-curated supplementary links and fine original criticism.”
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Alt Screen is a comprehensive resource covering alternative film screenings in the New York City area. It was launched in April 2011.

Alternative film screenings? Stuff like repertory revivals, annual festivals, local premieres, non-theatrical releases, site-specific installations, in-person and interactive events–and more!


Comprehensive resource? Alt Screen is a clearinghouse of aggregated screening calendars and event listings; curated editorial and audio-visual content; and original, long-form critical pieces by professional critics, amateur enthusiasts and the pathologically unemployable.


OK–but why? Our primary goal is to promote awareness of alternative, independent and not-for-profit film exhibition, and to make those events accessible to a non-specialist audience. Our secondary goal is to uphold the practice of film criticism and cultural commentary as an essayistic art form unto itself. Our other motives are less altruistic or just plain weird so we won’t discuss them here.
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