Alt Screen Editorial Internship — Winter/Spring 2012

Alt Screen is currently accepting applications for our winter/spring internship program. The internship is an intensive, two-day-a-week commitment and is not compensated (we are happy to help you apply for study grants). Like any media internship, there will be minor clerical work and errands-running. Unlike comparable programs, however, Alt Screen tasks ambitious interns with unusually creative, self-directed assignments.

Primary Duties

  • Reading a wide variety of content published daily across news/film periodicals and blogs, identifying articles of interest, and writing short glosses for the editors.
  • Compiling directory listings; maintaining a press-screenings calendar.
  • Proofreading and copyediting editorial, promotional and informational materials.
  • Managing and interacting with our readers, both on the Alt Screen site and across social-media platforms.
  • Archival and library research.
  • Assisting with project development (web 2.0 and native tablet applications).
  • Assisting with on-site/remote interviews (audio and video editing, transcription).
  • Attending previews / press screenings and preparing short reports for the editors.


Alt Screen applicants will be chosen on the basis of a sample writing submission and the attached questionnaire. While there are no requirements, applicants with an established interest in film, journalism, web-publishing and creative writing will be given preference. Familiarity with audio/video editing and CMS (WordPress) would be a bonus.

Dates and Location

Start and end dates are flexible. Internships are expected to last approximately 10-12wks (8 wks at absolute minimum). Our office is located in Brooklyn.

Application Materials

Please send the following materials as email attachments to Include your contact info (including a phone number) within the body of the email.

  1. Standard résumé.
  2. A sample of your writing (500-999 words; academic, creative or journalistic).
  3. A document answering the following questions:
    1. What are some websites you use to find information about films?
    2. Find three interesting articles or blog posts published in the last two weeks. Write a short gloss (1-2 sentences) explaining what the article is about and why its worth reading, then block-quote 1 or 2 passages that are particularly engaging.
    3. Name five of your favorite films, and write a short paragraph (less than 250 words) explaining what you specifically like about one of them.
    4. Name five of your favorite film critics–professional, amateur, academic or dead!–and write a short paragraph (less than 250 words) explaining what you specifically like about one.