Tuesday Editor’s Pick: The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1965)

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Playing Tue Sept 27 at 8:00 at Film Society of Lincoln Center [Program & Tix]


“Film Comment Selects” a John le Carré Cold War double bill for your viewing pleasure. Purchase tickets online for Spy and The Looking Glass War at a discounted price.


Josef Braun sets the scene at his blog The Phantom Country:

Peering out from below a broad, heavy brow, he has the pale face of a man thoroughly eaten up inside. The London he moves in looks damp, grey and bone-chilling. He wears his trench coat tucked up around him like a blanket, and puts away half a bottle of whiskey a day. He has no friends and speaks as little as he can get away with. He takes a menial clerical job at the library for the Candahar Institute for Psychical Research, where he works alongside a pretty, confident young woman. She explains to him what lycanthropy means in a weirdly sexy way that suggests he might just be some sort of werewolf, and she likes the idea. What matters, perhaps, is that he is so clearly someone other than he claims to be. It may just be the starkest romance in movies, and it really works.


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“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Not Liz Taylor

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