Sunday Editor’s Pick: Sleepless Night (2011)

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Playing Sun April 22 at 9:30, Thurs April 26 at 8:30, and Fri April 27 at 11:30 at Chelsea Clearview [Program & Tix]


Yes folks, it’s that time again. Another installment of the behemoth Tribeca Film Festival takes over our fair city, beginning Thursday April 19. We kick off our coverage with a fun one. In fact, so fun that \ Warner Bros is already set for a more palatable, subtitle-free American remake. We suspect you’ll be glad you saw the original here.


Steve Dollar for GreenCine Daily:

A French thriller that stars Euro action hunk Tomer Sisley as Vincent, a crooked Parisian cop who hijacks a big drug deal and makes off with a lucrative tote bag of cocaine, only to have the young son he neglects kidnapped by a local gangster who wants his stash back. Already slated for a Hollywood remake (paging Liam Neeson), the film’s calling card is its relentless action. It never stops. Director Frédéric Jardin situates everything in a sprawling nightclub that becomes a kind of rat’s maze for Vincent, as he tries to rescue his son while being chased by or chasing the mob boss who owns the joint, the drug dealers who bought the cocaine, the good cop who wants to bust him and the even more corrupt cop who wants to kill him, and everyone else he’s pissed off, which he manages to do constantly. And, oh yeah, he’s slowly bleeding to death from a stab wound suffered in the heist. Sisley’s vigorous momentum and the often intricate stagings call to mind the razzle-dazzle of Paul Greengrass’ Bourne movies, but with a fragile protagonist who keeps fucking everything up. If he was James Bond, then Dr. Evil would have blown up the moon already. In this construction, though, the bad guys are equally inept, and a packed disco floor makes everything way complicated—and supplies an excuse to frame a contender for the year’s best chase sequence, set in the middle of a Eurotrash line dance to “Another One Bites the Dust.”


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